Wedding Fun Facts


According to Greek culture ~ brides, tuck a sugar cube into your glove, the sugar will sweeten your union.

In English tradition, Wednesday is considered the “best day” to marry, although Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health.

The groom carries the bride across the threshold to bravely protect her from evil spirits lurking below.

Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck, according to Hindu tradition!

For good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day.

Peas are thrown at Czech newlyweds instead of rice.

A Swedish  bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother  in each shoe to ensure that she’ll never do without.

Moroccan women take a milk bath to purify themselves before their wedding ceremony.

In Holland, a pine tree is planted outside the newlyweds’ home as a symbol of fertility and luck.

On average, 7,000 couples marry each day in the United States.


Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it  was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the  heart.

About 70% of all brides sport the traditional diamond on the fourth finger of their left hand.

In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in a wedding ring means marital  happiness.

A pearl  engagement ring is said to be bad luck because its shape echoes that of a tear.

One of history’s earliest engagement rings was given to Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII. She was two years old at the time.

Seventeen tons of gold are made into wedding rings each year in the United  States!

Snake rings dotted with ruby eyes were popular wedding bands in Victorian England –  the coils winding into a circle symbolized eternity.

Aquamarine represents marital harmony and is said to ensure a long, happy marriage.


Brides carry or wear “something old” on their wedding day to symbolize continuity with the past.

Wearing a “new item” on your wedding day conveys the message that you and your husband are creating a new union that will endure forever.

“Borrowing” is especially important and should come from a happily married woman, thereby lending the bride some of her own marital happiness to carry into the new marriage.

The “something blue” in a bridal ensemble symbolizes purity, fidelity, and love.