Foot Washing Ceremony

As we close the ceremony, _____ and _____ have chosen to wash one another’s feet as a sign of their love and service to one another…

You may be familiar with the idea of washing each other’s feet from when Jesus washed his disciple’s feet.

Jesus took the place of a servant to show he was no better than they were. 

As human beings, we are all equal.

In marriage, you are equal partners.

There are times when you may stand in awe of the other’s greatness and rejoice in each other’s triumphs.

You may also be drawn closer together in times of sadness.

 This is not only life, it’s the reason for marriage.

As a married couple you give these experiences depth because you approach them with unconditional love. 

By washing each other’s feet today, you are saying, I don’t only stand before you, promising my love with a vow and a ring, but I’m kneeling before you, washing your feet, humbly accepting you as you are, not only with my words, but with my actions.

My love is not just a promise, but an unconditional action of love.

(couple now washes each other’s feet)