Unity Tree

Officiant: _______ (bride) & _______ (groom), your home is a special place, with beautiful flowers and plants, to nurture and care for, that they may forever surround you with the beauty we now see today.
And into this place where we stand, you have brought something else beautiful, the relationship that is now becoming your marriage. Here, you are declaring it and pledging it, promising to establish and nurture it.

There will be growth like spring and loss like fall; there will be giving as the flowers, and rest as the seed beneath the soil. We ask only that you remember how your life together will have the same seasons and needs as your gardens.
At this time the couple will now plant their unity tree.
(couple plants tree)

Officiant: You will have to care deeply for your new tree and for the life that is now yours together. Nurture it. Appreciate your differences and cultivate them.
You chose to plant this tree as a declaration of your marriage, so remember it’s lessons for your life together through the seasons that are yours to share. And may those seasons bring you and yours joy and happiness.

(Submitted in ceremony just before Pronouncement)